Google is intelligent but still it just can’t answer all your questions (although that’s a rare case!). So, we went on to search for best of the ‘Questions and Answers’ Websites and Apps that will help you to find answer to all of your unanswered questions (that intelligent Google couldn’t answer for you). Let’s have a look…

Best Apps & Websites that will Answer All Your Questions at ROLLZIGN

#1 Quora

Quora At Rollzign
Quora At Rollzign

When we want to find an answer of any question on any topic, Quora come at the top of our list. You can ask any type of question on Quara and other Quora users will answer it for you.

Best part of Quora is that it’s free. Quora relies on advertisement revenue model for its income. That’s a win-win situation for everybody. You don’t have to pay to get answers to your questions.

To get started, all you need is just an email address. Visit the Quora website or download Quora app, signup with your email and you are good to ask questions.

Because of Quora’s broader community, you can ask a question on any topic and it is sure to be answered positively by Quora experts as well as non-expert uesrs in that field.

Quora is such a big community that probably you will get the answer before putting your question because chances are that the question you are having your mind had already been asked by someone else and it has already been answered. In other case, you are free to raise a new question.

If you don’t have any specific questions to ask and want to increase your knowhow in fields that are of interest to you, Quora is a good place for that. You can follow your interest topics and feeds from selected topics will be shown on Quora Homepage customized for you. That is a good idea for constant learning from other’s questions.

Quora Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#2 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers At Rollzign
Yahoo Answers At Rollzign

Yahoo is one of the oldest and popular player in Q&A market and also something more than only a Questions and Answer platform as it brings to you a world of latest news on Sports, Fashion, Health, Entertainment and much-much more with its own search engine.

On Yahoo Answers too, you can ask Questions of any category and get the same answered by Yahoo community made by people like you. What make Yahoo Answers stand apart from other Q&A sites is Yahoo’s ‘Leader Board’ and ‘Point System’.

To encourage participation and reward great answers, Yahoo Answers has a system of Points and Levels. While you can’t use points to buy or redeem anything but yes you can earn wide recognition by letting yourself featured on Yahoo Leaderboard by earning highest points.

Yahoo Answers Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows


Answers At Rollzign
Answers At Rollzign offers authoritative answers to millions of questions, as well as articles, slideshows and videos that educate, entertain and keeps its visitors coming back for more Answers. makes it easy to browse topic-wise with all questions classified into categories and further divided into sub-categories. has crossed the community of 6 crores members and on its way to new milestones in the field of Questions and Answers. Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#4 At Rollzign At Rollzign is also a very excellent platform to get your questions answered. You can find answers on vide varieties of topics ranging from Art and Literature, Food, History, Math & Science, Technology to World View.

If you want to be a boss in your favorite niche, visit, select niche you are interested in and you will get tons of articles in Q&A Format that will not bore you when increasing your knowledge at the same time.

What we not liked about is the inability of the platform to raise new questions and get them answered by other people.

At, you are not able to ask new, fresh and specific questions. What you can do is just search for a question with keyword or browse topic wise. Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#5 Ask Reddit

Ask Reddit At Rollzign
Ask Reddit At Rollzign

This List would definitely be incomplete without listing Ask Reddit here. After all, Ask Reddit is supported by their 1.4+ crores loyal subscribers.

On Ask Reddit, you must comply with their strict policy for asking and answering a question. All the waste questions and answers are deleted to maintain the quality of site.

While Ask Reddit does not provide the same luxury that other platforms in Q&A domain are providing but still Ask Reddit provides a basic functionality to help you find a best answer of your question.

Ask Reddit Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

Well, we have listed only ‘5’ sites instead of our favorite figure ‘7’ because at ROLLZIGN, quality matters. We could not find any other quality Q&A platforms that can be included in this list. If you have one to share, please let us know by your comments or by hitting the ‘Improve It’ button below this Roll.