Music is an important “lifemate” for most of us! No matter what situation we are in, we have our favorite songs playlist accompanying us! If you are a music lover, you know how it’s like to be one. You always want to explore more & more of music, right? Well, if you are looking for the best songs apps & would like to give try to music apps apart from the one you’re already having on your smartphone, consider these awesome music apps which allows you to stream, play & download your music anytime, anywhere, online or offline and with or without an internet connection. Some of these apps are free, while others are paid (which is justified given their wonderful music services). Without further ado, let’s dive in the world of music with these great music application:

Best Free & Paid Music Apps & Websites to Stream, Play & Download Your Favorite Songs

Best Free & Paid Music Apps & Websites at ROLLZIGN
Best Free & Paid Music Apps & Websites at ROLLZIGN

#1 Gaana

Gaana Music App at ROLLZIGN
Gaana Music App at ROLLZIGN

When it comes to best FREE music app, Gaana hit the #1 spot. With free plan, you can stream & play unlimited songs of your choice.

With Gaana Plus subscription, you can download songs on up to 5 devices for offline play. With premium subscription, you’ll also enjoy the ad-free experience & high definition audio quality of Gaana.

Gaana has a collection of over 30 million songs & with that number, Gaana has got you covered with all your music taste.

Want ot explore what songs are trending, just switch to “Gaana Top 50” charts!

You can also listen to radio within the app. Gaana also has its own community called “Gaana Social” which allows you to share your favorite music with your family, friends & followers. Best part of Gaana is that you can visit on any browser & start playing your favorite songs without even creating an account! It’s kind of “Just visit & play”. Truly, Gaana is “one-stop solution” for all your music needs.

Gaana Price: Free | Gaana Plus @ INR 99 p.m. ($3.99 p.m.)

Gaana Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#2 Saavn

Saavn Music App at ROLLZIGN
Saavn Music App at ROLLZIGN

With 11+ years of experience in music, a collection of 36 million music tracks & a community of 22 million users, Saavn is one of the oldest & strongest player in the music world.

With Saavn Free plan, you can play unlimited songs from its huge songs library. Saavn also offers exclusive music content on its platform called “Saavn Originals” which you can find only on Saavn. That’s a bonus point for Saavn users. Depending on your mood, you can also pick a “mood specific playlist” curated by Saavn experts to fit specific moods! Great! Isn’t it?

In India, If you just want to stream music, you don’t need to create an account. Just visit Saavn website or download Saavn app, choose your language & start playing.

For other countries, Saavn offers a 30-days free trial. Once trial ends, you need to switch to “Saavn Pro”, which is a subscription based service and offers you an ad-free experince and the ability to download music for offline play.

Saavn Price: Free | Saavn Pro @ INR 120 p.m. ($3.99 p.m.)

Saavn Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#3 SoundCloud

SoundCloud Music App at ROLLZIGN
SoundCloud Music App at ROLLZIGN

SoundCloud is more of a music community than a music service. It’s a platform where creators & listeners come together. Anybody can create an account, upload their music & listen to others’. Great!

With 150+ million tracks, SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio streaming platform, all thanks to its amazing app & generous, buzzing & vibrant community.

With SoundCloud Free plan, you can stream & play 120+ million community tracks. With “SoundCloud GO” plan, you can download your music for offline access & will enjoy an ad-free experience. “SoundCloud GO+”, which is the highest level SoundCloud subscription, offers access to all 150+ million songs, in which 30+ million songs are premium songs i.e. these are from major artists & labels that you listen on other music apps.

Well, SoundCloud is the largest collection of music & have more to offer than any other music app in the music market.

SoundCloud Price: Free | SoundCloud GO @ $4.99 p.m. | SoundCloud GO+ @ $9.99 p.m.

SoundCloud Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows