Using a great note taking app is a great way to simplify your complicated life! Either you are taking simple notes like creating a shopping note & grocery list, noting that address or phone number, or working on something more complex like taking class & work notes, capturing that whiteboard snap (very important for students!) or writing your next post (keep going bloggers!), there are great note taking apps to help you. Here, we have listed our favorite notes apps (we use ’em all!) for you to have a proper selection from the best note-taking apps.

All these apps offer cloud sync. So, as long as you have the internet connection, you have your notes everywhere you go, on all your devices. Without further ado, let’s explore them:

2018 Best Note Taking Apps

#1 Evernote

Evernote - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
Evernote – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

When it comes to taking notes, Evernote comes at #1 in all terms (except pricing!). In Evernote’s own terms, “it helps you stay organized and focus on what matters most“.

No matter what kind of notes you want to take, Evernote has a solution for it. In Evernote, you can add typed notes, handwritten notes, photos, to-dos, clip web pages & snaps with Evernote Web Clipper, add sketches, audio & video notes and all these are just a few of its huge list of note taking features!

All notes in Evernote, in whatever form they are, are instantly searchable. Evernote is more than just a notebook. You can use it as your journal, planner, school or work notebook, scanner, business card holder, documents vault, cook book & store for all other stuff to organize your life!

With Evernote collaboration feature in its business plan, you can also collaborate with others. That makes it wonderful for team or group working. You can also add reminders to your notes & keep yourself reminded about important things.

With all note taking features & more at one place, Evernote can truly be a single place for all your notes, ideas, lists, reminders, plans, projects, meetings, documents, memos, web pages & all like stuff you need to stay organized.

With over 225 million users worldwide, Evernote has become an extension of brain which remembers everything!

In free version, you can use Evernote on up to 2 devices & upload up to 60 MB data per month. In Evernote premium version, you can use Evernote on unlimited devices & upload up to 10GB of data each month.

Evernote Price: Basic @ Free | Premium @ $7.99 p.m. | Business @ $14.99 p.m.

Evernote Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#2 OneNote

OneNote - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
OneNote – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

OneNote from Microsoft is another powerful note-taking app which has a huge suite of features like Evernote. Best way to experience all those features is to try both – Evernote & OneNote, and select the app you are comfortable with. Unlike Evernote, OneNote provides all features for free with up to 5GB free storage in OneDrive. You can upgrade in case you need more storage.

OneNote App - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
OneNote App – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

OneNote brings the physical 3-ring binder notebook type to the digital world. In OneNote, you’ve all notes classified into three parts: Notebooks, Sections and Pages!

If you’re already using Microsoft Word, you’ll feel more familiar with OneNote as it is a part of Microsoft Office Products Family and takes huge features from office (like the famous ribbon!). If you are looking for a free note taking app solution with a bunch of features, you’ll like OneNote.

Price: Free

OneNote Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#3 ZOHO Notebook

ZOHO Notebook - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
ZOHO Notebook – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

ZOHO Notebook is one of the most beautiful & user-friendly note taking app that strikes a balance between simplicity & features. With ZOHO Notebook, you can make notes with rich text formatting, make checklists, take voice & photo notes, scan documents & attach files like Microsoft documents & PDFs to any note.

It also offers advance level search dubbed as “Deep Search” which allows you to search for text & objects within images & scanned files.

You’ll also like its “notecard stacks” feature which allows you to group related notes together. As an added layer of security for sensitive notes, you can keep your private notes secured with password of your choice.

To add some fun to your note taking experience, you can choose different background colors for different notes. It removes the dullness of the same white background each time you’re working!

So, whether you want to tackle your day-to-day tasks, make some sketches, craft a plan for your next trip, capture a moment, save content from the web or make your own content, ZOHO Notebook fulfills all your needs.

Price: Free

ZOHO Notebook Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

#4 Google Keep

Google Keep - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
Google Keep – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

List of note taking apps will be incomplete without including Google Keep! Well, with Google attached to its name, quality of this app is already assured.

Like other note taking apps, it also enables you to add notes, make checklists, sketches, capture photos & record voice notes. You can add different colors & labels to different notes for easy organization & its use search feature to find the right note. Google Keep offers nothing special than other note apps but the ability to add reminders to your notes. In Google Keep, you can add a reminder (based on time, date or place) to your notes & the app will remind you about the note at the right time & at the right place!

To put it in simple terms, Google Keep has the ability to make right note at the right time! If you’re a Google Fan & keen on using Google products, Google Keep is the note taking app for you.

Price: Free

Google Keep Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | MacWindows

#5 Simplenote

Simplenote - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
Simplenote – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

If you want a distraction-free, minimalist yet powerful note taking app, Simplenote is for you. Simplenote doesn’t have all the fancy features like Evernote & OneNote does & there lies its greatness for taking simple notes.

Simplenote is really the simplest note taking app. You can just type, make list & add simple text notes with this app. There are no other options & that’s the best part of its simplicity. Its cloud sync works like breeze! Once you type in Simplenote on any device, it appears instantly on all your Simplenote devices.

Simplenote App - Best Note Taking App - ROLLZIGN
Simplenote App – Best Note Taking App – ROLLZIGN

You’ll also experience the fastest search functionality. You don’t have to worry about your growing list of notes as you can search instantly among all notes. You can also add tag to your notes to categorize & organize them. in short, Simplenote is all about simplicity, speed & efficiency.

It also works well with the WordPress publishing. If you write something in the Simplenote, you can publish it directly on your WordPress blog on a single click or tap!

You must give a try to Simplenote, if you haven’t already. You’ll think, “why didn’t I get it early?

Price: Free

Simplenote Availability: Web | Android | iPhone | iPad | Mac | Windows

Well, there are lots of note taking apps and Evernote & OneNote are the ones that are loaded with the largest amount of features. At the same time, there are other apps like Google Keep & ZOHO Notebook that strike a balance between simplicity & features. Simplenote is the simplest one that provides a platform for simple text based notes. There are other apps as well (we have listed the ones that we believe are the best!). If you have a better suggestion, do let us know. We’ll consider your choice. Well, not all people need all the features. So, try these apps yourself and select the one or many which work best for you!

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