Life is a long journey. In life, at different times, we are looking for different things, right? Sometimes, we look for inspiration, sometimes for fashion & style, sometimes for technology & sometimes for DIY tutorials & the list goes on & on! Well, we curated a list of websites that help you get the best of your life. And yeah… we know this list will never be complete. Feel free to let us know your favorite website to be included in this list. We will be happy to add it if it fulfills our quality criteria!  Here we go:

Best Websites On Life To Help You Live More Fulfilling Life


Lifehacker At Rollzign
Lifehacker At Rollzign

Lifehacker is perhaps the biggest website on life we have ever seen. Lifehacker covers topics on life issues like personal finance, tips, hacks, how-to & stories related to life & technology. The Lifehacker motto “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.” speaks of what the entire site is all about.

Founded in 2005 as a solo blog, Lifehacker has come a long way with now having four international editions apart from Lifehacker U.S. edition. It has been named as one of the “50 Coolest Web Sites” by TIME magazine in 2005, “25 Sites We Can’t Live Without” in 2006 & “25 Best Blogs 2009” among several other awards & recognitions.

If you want to improve your life and learn new things daily in life as well as tech field, is a good choice.

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#2 At Rollzign At Rollzign is the most minimalist life focused website. We are a subscriber of Lifehack newsletter and each time we open their email, we are bound to be inspired. On lifehack, we found life hacks ranging from psychology, health, lifestyle & relationships to work & productivity explained in an inspiring & story form which makes reading it a breeze.

Feeling depressed? Just visit Lifehack’s Quotes section. Their positive & inspirational quotes collection will fill your mood with instant positivity.

All the articles on the Lifehack website are well researched and cover the depth of the topic. One article can take 5 minutes or more and it’s worth your time considering the value it add to your life.

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Best Life At Rollzign
Best Life At Rollzign

Best Life describe itself as the “site for men who want to live to the fullest“. Well, we don’t agree with them on their about statement as we found a lot of information there which is equally useful for men & women.

Best Life is focused on health, wealth, food, style, relationships among other life issues! If you are fanatic about travel, culture & luxury, Best Life has much more to offer as compared to other lifestyle websites.

Best Life is not just a weblog, it has it’s own online shop as well called “Best Life Shop” where you can shop for all kinds of things you need to look good!

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#4 No Sidebar

No Sidebar At Rollzign
No Sidebar At Rollzign

No Sidebar is a website focused on Minimalist lifestyle to let you “Design a Simple Life“. The website promote getting rid of things you don’t need & focus on what really matter!

One most distinct feature of No Sidebar which makes it different (& we love it!) is that it’s not cluttered with all kinds of content and most of the articles are written by guest authors based on their real life experiences. So, when you are reading something on No Sidebar, you can instantly connect with it!

Further, it’s black & white design combination provides you a wonderful reading experience. No Sidebar works on the principle of “Less is More”. Want to let go your distractions & design a simple life, No Sidebar is the best place to start.

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#5 Zen Habits

ZEN Habits At Rollzign
ZEN Habits At Rollzign

Zen Habits is a weblog of an individual called “Leo Babauta” which describe itself as “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives.” Well, that’s a true statement considering the content on this weblog. Zen Habits’ posts are helping people change their habits for good and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Established in 1973, Zen Habits has been featured in magazines like TIME & is now helping more than 2 million people all around the world to find happiness in their life with its life changing articles.

It also offers a habit program called “sea change” at $15 p.m. which helps people to change their habits in simple steps focusing on one habit at a time. Thousands of people have gained the program’s benefit.

Well, you must took the advantage of free stuff there & you can go for the paid program as well as a further step to improve your life!

Zen Habits Availability: Web | Android | iPhone |iPad | Mac | Windows

Well, that’s all for now from ROLLZIGN research! We know we have not included all websites that should be here as it’s not possible for our team’s inclusive research. We also know that there are lots of websites you want us to include here. If you know a website which is great fit for this list and all ROLLZIGNers, please do let us know by hitting the “Improve It” button below or via your comments. Also, if you own a website that you think should be included here, do let us know. We will be happy to include it here subject to our quality criteria.